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The owners of Team Divers Network, George and Mel

Welcome to Team Divers. We provide professional NAUI and PADI Scuba Diving Instruction in Miami, Florida.

If you want to learn to Scuba Dive, want to continue your Scuba Diving education with Advanced classes, or are already certified and just want to go diving, you have come to the right place. We offer flexible class times, private classes, organize dive trips, and have years of experience to benefit you while you learn to dive.

Classes and Dive Trips are open to anyone who wants to participate. Please use the above links to get to know us a little bit more or to find out all the details about our certification classes and our scuba diving trips to Key Largo in the Florida Keys. We look forward to diving with you!

Christ Status, Key Largo Florida Keys

Miami is just a short drive away from world class diving in the beautiful Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

It never stops surprising us that so many people don't realize that we have great diving right in our own back yards. Did you know that each year, over 1 Million divers visit Key Largo from all over the world? With over 100 dive sites to choose from in Key Largo, you can see all of the breath taking coral reefs that have hundreds of species of tropical fish. Key Largo is home to reefs such as Molasses Reef, French Reef, Snapper Ledge, Elbow Reef, Pickles Reef, and Key Largo Dry Rocks where the world famous Christ of the Abyss statue is located.

Did we forget to mention that Key Largo is also home to many ship wrecks? You can dive historical ship wrecks like the Benwood, City of Washington, or Civil War wreck. Key Largo also features the newer artificial reef projects that you may have seen on the news. The LSD-32 Spiegel Grove is an old Navy ship that is over 500 feet long and don't forget the USCG Duane and BIBB, which are two decommissioned 300 foot long Coast Guard Cutters intentionally sunk for scuba divers to explore.